Visionary Studio, Fall 2015: Farm to Table by Jungwon Park


Food is a basic human need and right. From cafeterias to five star restaurants, this unit is an investigation into the issues that influence where food comes from, how it is produced and who eats it.

While we used to produce our own food, we now rarely see how our food reaches our plates. Many artists today are looking at food production and consumption in order to propose alternative systems for generating, sharing, and representing food, as a means to promote awareness, diplomacy or communication between adverse groups of people. Other artists are using art as a means to research and raise awareness about the food we eat, and challenge gender stereotypes and eating disorders.

In this class, students examine a wide range of artistic projects related to food and food issues, and make work that explores the intersections between food issues, social awareness, and art.

The central question that the unit focuses around is:

What are the politics of the food industry and what is my role within it?