Summer 2018: Conditions for Learning

Taking inspiration from the ways that institutional chairs relegate the body to particular poses and postures for learning, the Final Projects exhibition this year focused on several interrelated themes focused on the motivations, choices, and socialized expectations for learners and teachers alike. In determining the title for this year’s exhibition, students took their cues from the physical design and function of educational architecture—specifically classroom chairs—and the ways that bodies are literally and physically constrained to perform in particular ways in schools and classrooms. CFL_Poster

In each project, students explored the ways that leaners (and facilitators) could move beyond the constraints of specific learning experiences and environments, whether exploring the possibilities of teaching for artistic behavior (TAB), critiquing the philosophy and protocols of a no excuses charter school environment, creating a socially engaged makerspace, better understanding why high school students attend school and feel motivated to learn every day, or comparing notions of success in two different global education contexts.