RachelleGWhatDoTheyHavetoSayS18The NYU Art + Ed Program culminates in a public exhibition of research based, interdisciplinary student work that is developed in the Interdisciplinary Studio class in connection with the Research and Final Exhibitions course. Students are  asked to engage in research around a chosen topic, question, or idea using academic as well as creative and socially engaged research methodologies including interviewing, making collections, and mapping. The results of their research are translated into a gallery experience intended to engage audiences in their learning. As a model for this way of working, students are introduced to a wide range of contemporary artistic methods and consider the connections between a thematic/topical museum exhibition, its companion catalogue/text, and educational materials.


Summer 2018: Conditions for Learning


Summer 2017 Exhibition: Impossible House


Spring 2016 Exhibition: Praxis

IMG_1835 copy

Spring 2015 Exhibition: Interrobang


Spring 2014 Exhibition: Counter Current

Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 4.12.18 PM

Spring 2013 Exhibition: Me You Us Them