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As graduate students in the 36-credit initial certification Teachers of Art, All Grades program, students participate in fieldwork that includes serving as a learning partner and student teaching. They are required to complete at least 100 hours as a learning partner in elementary and secondary school settings prior to beginning and completing a minimum of 300 hours of student teaching.

All MA students begin their studies in the Summer semester. They complete 45 hours as a learning partner in an elementary school in the summer as part of the School Art I: Issues in Pedagogy and Curriculum (Elementary) course.  In addition, students complete 15 hours of field work experience in the Inquiries in Teaching and Learning course during the summer semester.

IMG_5095This unit, conducted with the 9th grade community at El Puente Academy presented an opportunity for students, to firmly place their lives within the classroom through exploring the idea of a school community as the sum of each students’ individual community and experiences. In the course of the unit, students created a collaborative artwork while developing a strong sense of community within El Puente Academy.

Click here for more information: El Puente Self Portrait, Grade 9, 2016

IMG_2968Based on their 5th. grade studies around “how geography determines culture and how issues of power, wealth and morality influence exploration and colonization”, students explored the promise of inclusion in this unit. Through an analysis and comparison of architectural works from Frank Gehry with ancient government buildings, they identified how power is expressed in architecture, relating their findings to the United States socio political context and buildings like the White House, in order to design a new governmental building designed on the democratic principle of inclusion.

Click here for more information: Power in Architecture, Grade 5, 2015

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The project “American Dream” was completed in collaboration with ninth and tenth grade students at the East Side Community High School, where students created self-portraits representing their own idea of the “American Dream” using only text.

Click here for more information: American Dream Project, Grade 9 & 10, 2014

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In this unit, 10th grade students investigated the concept of “legacy,” and how power and history are connected. They reflected on identity in relation to cultural heritage, and created images that represent the imprint they would like to make on the world, as their personal legacy.

Click here for more information: Portraits of Power, Grade 10, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-11-30 at 6.10.58 PM                           This unit addresses the topic of alter egos, and asks students to assume the role of someone other than themselves, who they identify as, in order to come to a deeper understanding of how the labels or “masks” we place on others can cover up the genuine aspects of who we are and how we want to be represented.

Click here for more information: Mythic Being Project, Grade 9, 2008

Blanche       As students prepare to leave High School, they are considering what to do next. For many of them, this is the first time they have an opportunity to make decisions about their future. At this time, they are also becoming increasingly aware of some of the social and political problems that exist within their communities, and in the world. This unit is designed for them to think through the stages of social change and place themselves as active workers within a particular cause.

Click here for more information:Dreaming Project, Grade 12, 2007