Saturday Art Workshop, Fall 2016: Exhibition


Saturday Art Workshop is an 8-week program that combines the excitement of creating art with issues in social justice. Saturday mornings, from 10am-12pm, teens research significant social themes and discover a rich array of innovative, multidisciplinary approaches through which they can visually express their ideas. The themes for this year’s Workshop were “Vote This,” “Gender Lines,” “#NoJusticeNoPeace” and “(un)Plugged.”


Classes are taught by teams of graduate students completing their Certification in Art Education program at New York University. Together, students and teachers consider ways in which artists influence society, and experiment with techniques that include drawing, painting, printmaking, video, photography, 3-dimensional media, and installation. These workshops challenge students to think outside of traditional artistic media and explore how artistic boundaries and influence can be stretched to include what has historically been excluded.

The program culminates in a final exhibition inviting a wide audience of parents, friends, teachers, and NYU faculty, to see the resulting student work.